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Реалистичная погода

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Автор: majesticeternity

Апдейт содержит:

более реалистичные погодные условия на основании сайтов weatherspark.com и climatestotravel.com.

Редактируемые страны:


Germany (optimized 4, added Central Germany)
Italy (optimized 4, added Italian Riviera)
France (No original patterns, added 3 specific to France, Atlantic Coast, South, and Inland)
Spain (optimized 7 original)
Brazil (optimized 13 original Made more tropical, with much more rain(while trying to prevent waterlogged fields every day), added warmer temps with colder sections, and better wind)
Portugal (minor changes)
Holland (No original patterns, added 2 specific to Holland, Coast and Inland. Added wind, less rain, better temps)
USA (optimized 29 original, fixed inaccurate weather/assignments)
Belgium (No original patterns, added 2 specific to Belgium, Coast and Inland)
Mexico (optimized to a wider range of temps, added Baja and Baja Desert, and more extreme heat in hottest areas)
England (optimized 3 original, added English SouthWest)
Scotland (optimized 1 original, added Scottish Highlands)
Russia (added COLD extremes for Siberia)
China (some changes)
Sweden (optimized basic temps)

No changes needed:
N. Ireland



From Norway's weather that was used for Iceland, I added 4 patterns: 

Capital Region + Southern Peninsula (colder, added much more rain, and reduced wind)
Northwest (even colder, less rain, more winter wind)
South (warmer, more winter wind)
Northeast (much less rain, less wind)

Установка апдейта:
Файл апдейта сохранить в ...\Мои документы\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data\ (если такой папки нет, то создать её), затем начать новую игру, поставив галочку возле нужных файлов. В текущем сейве изменения не вступят в силу!



Оригинальная тема



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